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What is Psychology, But Make It Fashion?


Psychology, But Make It Fashion (PBMIF) is a fashion psychology and consumer psychology online magazine serving you articles on topics such as brands, shopping, mental health, pop culture, trends, sustainability, and MBTI. Fashion has a large impact on our lives, no matter who you are, mentally, emotionally, physically - Why not learn about its benefits then? Although based in the UK, PBMIF has many international visitors from every continent! Hello!


How do I contact PBMIF?


Visit the contact page.

I want to write for PBMIF. How do I do that?


Thank you for your interest. Please visit here.

I'm a brand, can we collab?

Thank you for your interest. Please email

Do you use research?

Yes, the content on PBMIF features research from published and non-published journal articles (peer-reviewed and not) are used. Efforts have been made to not generalise conclusions and to cover sensitive topics sensibly. PBMIF cites all of the research used providing references below each article. PBMIF does not own the research cited. Psychology is a science and should therefore be treated like one; real psychology is evidence-based. Research is never 100 per cent valid nor reliable.

Although 100+ important psychology facts about crushes that you didn't know certainly sounds fun, that's not really psychology... (Sorry).


Can I use your articles?


No, it would be wise to instead use the references provided. Please do not copy. With plagiarism detectors it won't do you any good. Honest.

Can I use images from this website?


Please do not upload images from PBMIF anywhere. Images are captioned with their original source otherwise.

Who owns this website?

A twenty-something Psychology graduate with a passion for fashion. Hmm...

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