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An email from one of our readers.

Hey there, so I randomly came across your site and looked into the write with the team thingy and I'd say it's pretty tempting... I would really love to make a contribution. Let me introduce myself, I am Pratishtha, a 17 year old girl completing her studies and aspiring to do something with her life.


A word so simple yet highly misinterpreted.

If you were to look in any dictionary, you'll definitely find a definition for 'fashion' along the lines of:

A popular style of clothes, hair, etc. at a particular time or place; the state of being popular.

Though I am not one to question a dictionary, I am not at all satisfied with this definition. It's rather simplified.

I believe that fashion is something that defines, represents, and reflects you. And above all, makes you feel confident.

Fashion shouldn't be defined by which era it belongs to but rather by how a person adorns it and makes it their own.

It might be an old pair of jeans or grandma's bequeathed wedding dress, but if you can pull it off like a pro in your own skin, then that's fashion. And this is above all the latest accessories or designer dresses that cost dollars.


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