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If you're finding it hard to sell your clothes on Vinted, these tips might just be exactly what you're looking for. Vinted is a second hand clothing site that's pretty awesome because it allows you to sell your unwanted clothing items with free listings.

These are quick and simple, tried and tested tips that will get you sales in no time. Selling is a piece of cake once you understand the basics.

If you would like to ask a question, please use the comments section below.

You can watch a video on this article (with subtitles) here.

Understand what Vinted is about and what you can actually sell on Vinted.

Vinted is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Most likely you will sell your items for far less than you intended to (or how much it was bought for originally). Cheaper items do better because buyers take into account the buyer protection fee and shipping costs (e.g., imagine buying an item for £1 and then having to pay £4 for it to be shipped, that's now ~£5).

Compared to Depop, Vinted is more targeted towards the majority, rather than 'young, trendy' people. There are all sorts of items on Vinted. You get paid for what you sell, and you don't have to pay a fee to Vinted. Instead, the buyer pays for the item, buyer protection, and the shipping costs. All you need to do is send your item in reasonable packaging and wait for the buyer to receive it.

How long does it take to sell things on Vinted?

To answer this simply, it's not a one answer fits all scenario. Don't expect your items to be sold within a couple of hours, days, or even weeks. It can take a long time for items to sell, even if you list it very well, or even if it's a popular item. Buyers usually like your items and may be waiting for you to lower the price before deciding whether to purchase an item from you. See the key tip in make your presence known if you want to make a quick sale.

This answer depends on what exactly it is that you're selling and how much you're selling it for. Some people have items listed for a whole year before they see any sign of interest from potential buyers.

You might find that winter-associated items sell faster at the end of the year, and spring/summer items sell well from April to August for example.

You may have heard of BNWT, but what does it mean? BNWT means 'Brand New With Tags'. Items that are relatively new generally sell better.

Vinted is oversaturated; tons of items are uploaded daily, so your listing may never/rarely be seen (unless someone searches/filters anything that relates to your listing). Hence why descriptions and titles are important. More exposure = more chances of being seen by potential buyers. You can also follow your family and friends on Vinted if you're interested in getting your items seen more. You can probably even join a Vinted group on social media sites to share what you're selling (according to their terms and conditions).

Read the terms and conditions of what you can sell on Vinted itself here. You will be surprised at what you can and can't sell. Consistently uploading items that violate the terms and conditions will most likely get you suspended from the app.

Take clear photos of your items.

Don't keep your buyers guessing. A photo speaks 1,000 words. Let the photos do the talking.

Add as little as six photos including the front, back, bottom, sizing label (measurements), authenticity card (if prompted), and any damages or imperfections. You can add up to 20 photos so make use of this.

Good lighting is a must. No amount of carrots can help a buyer determine what you're selling. Daylight is good for photos, but as long as the photo looks like the item you are selling in person, then there shouldn't be a problem.

A buyer ideally should be able to see a full length photo of the item especially if they are a long clothing item such as trousers, a dress, or a coat.

Keep your photos simple. No other objects are necessary.

Don't alter your clothes to make them look like something that it's not (e.g., moving the fabric at the waist so it looks more narrow in the picture, showing how you can wear it, etc.), unless you've provided unaltered images. It can be misleading.

Take a picture of the item by itself, whether it be on a table, mannequin, or on a hanger. Make sure items are not sprawled out on your floor. Nobody wants your carpet dust. Also, skip wearing your items in photos. Buyers are more likely to purchase clothes that are not being worn in photos, especially if they are brand new with tags (BNWT).

Don't use screenshots from original listings/stores, but you can put the name of the item/item code in the description for the buyer to do their own research.

Keywords are a must.

Use keywords in titles.

The more keywords the more chances it will show up in searches.

Instead of 'grey hoodie', try listing your item as:

[ BRAND NAME ] [ COLOUR ] [ ITEM NAME (if it has one) ] [ TYPE OF ITEM ] *with [ ADDITIONAL FEATURE ]

For example: Sisters and Seekers Grey Holy Hoodie with Pockets

*not necessary

Descriptions are a must.

List your item with the correct description: size, colour, brand, condition, and price.

Be honest about item flaws. Don't lie about the item or its condition.

Tell your buyers that you have other items listed (if you do).

Optional: Tell buyers that you're open to offers.

Updated (August 2023): Vinted might automatically select your parcel size for you.

Before (August 2023): List the correct postage cost according to your item's size - You do not want your buyer to pay extra fees for collecting their package, nor do you want to overcharge for postage.

Item condition.

I've read peoples' experiences of receiving heavily soiled and mouldy items, items covered in dust, items covered in hair, and so on. Vinted states that your items should be in hygienic condition.

Humans like looking at pretty things.

To make your items look reasonable, you can give them a wipe, a lint roll, spot stain removal, give them a wash, sew holes, iron them, shave bobbles, wipe dirt, remove stones from soles, tie up laces, wipe inner soles, use paper to keep items in structure, etc. Doing this will make your items look better in photos. Photos will also feel easier to take!

Put your items that you have listed in a clean area away from the clothes you do use, like in a box, separate drawer, room, etc. Somewhere where you can find them easily. This means when you get a sale, all you need to do is package your item appropriately. No faffing or second guessing about the item's condition or wondering whether you still want it, involved. Act like it's not yours anymore.

Now... Think to yourself, would you buy clothes/accessories that don't look so great?

What price do I list my Vinted item for?

Set a reasonable price for your items. See what price the item is being sold at, at other places rather than Vinted such as eBay, Depop, or the original retailer (if still in stock). Buyers can also make offers in which you can both negotiate a price. Offers can only go lower than the price you list the item for, generally speaking. Take into account if the item is new, rare, still in store, worn, damaged, etc. Sometimes you might even realise that selling your items on Vinted might not be the best option; you might decide to list it elsewhere, donate it, etc.

The more description in your description the better it will show up in searches. Trust me. Better visibility is great!

You can also add the trend your item belongs to. Is your item suitable for work? Mention that it's suitable for work. Did you pass your driving test wearing your item? Mention it's magical powers. It is giving early 2000s fashion? List it as Y2K. Is it giving Christmas season? Write that it's suitable for Christmas.

Keep in mind that buyers go on Vinted to look for bargains (i.e., items that are cheaper than RRP) - List your item at a price that you think is suitable.

Black cap
Example Description: [Brand name] black cap. RRP: £20. BNWT. It's all packed and ready to go! Check out my other items please!

Make your presence known.

Use the app once in a while. Your profile will inform buyers that you are active on the platform and are ready to be asked questions/respond in a timely manner towards a sale/offer. Would you buy from an account that was last active more than 6 months ago? If buyers see that you haven't been on the app for quite a while, they might not bother to contact you or purchase your items.

Respond to buyers (nicely). You will get ridiculous questions from time to time, but just acknowledging a buyer's presence can go a long way with a short and sweet reply.

Poor communication is a turn-off and might drive buyers away.

This proves to buyers that you're legit, not spam, and not a robot.

On your profile, add a profile picture (anything but the grey person icon) and short description (e.g., Hello, I post whenever, offers acceptable, etc.). No need to add your location or real name to your profile. Bear in mind that Vinted accounts can show up on search engines such as Google.

Turn on 'holiday mode' if you will not be able to send items out. If you miss the 'send your item off' period, the sale will get cancelled.

As a buyer, it's a good idea to send a message to sellers asking if they're available (if they haven't been on the app for months), in case you make a purchase and then you realise that the seller is probably not going to acknowledge a notification, don't read their emails, deleted the Vinted app, etc.

Quick sale tip: If you want to make a sale fast, and notice that someone has liked your listing (therefore shown interest), go ahead and message them an offer. They might just accept it.


Package your items properly so that they aren't damaged in transit. Items can be placed in a box or a bag like the ones you get clothes in from online shopping. Obviously don't put something small in a large box; use a suitable size for the item you're posting.

If you ever receive any packages in the post, it's a good idea to keep the packaging. The next time you receive a package, open it carefully so that you can reuse the packaging to package your very own items. You don't need to buy packaging with this method. Surely you have a bag of bags somewhere, or a box of boxes (if not, it's a good idea to keep some if you can). You can get a marker to cross out any sensitive information such as your address and old shipping labels (or you can use nail varnish remover, but wait for the residual ink to dry so that it doesn't smudge on you or your item).

Recently I've seen that people are using empty cereal boxes and tea boxes. Honestly, it's fine to use whatever gets your items to the buyer safely and securely.

Kellogg's Corn Flakes...

Someone has taken the time to purchase your item so show some consideration by packaging your item appropriately. Slapping your item in a torn up, musty carrier bag will probably land you with a negative review. Think to yourself, 'Would I be annoyed if I received this item in this packaging?' (especially if it's on the pricier side; £10~€15~$15). Put your items in suitable and durable packaging that will not get wet, destroyed easily, and is not see-through.

No crisp packets please. No Tesco carrier bags with the receipts left in please.

Last resort, if you don't have any suitable packaging around, you can purchase packaging from your local post office (boo to single use plastic!!!). The thing with this method is that if you're using Vinted to make a profit and sell items for £1-£5, are you really making a profit?

Before you seal your item, it would be a good idea just to take a quick photo of it, just for piece of mind, or if there's a dispute.

If you're printing your own label at home, make sure that you don't stick tape over the barcode/qr code.

If you're printing your label off in store and have multiple items, it's a good idea to place a sticky note on them so you know which is which (don't want to send the wrong item!).

Reusing mailing bags is so 2024.

Leave a thank you note!

It's 110% recommended that you leave a note in the package with your Vinted username and a thank you to remind buyers exactly what they've bought in case they've bought many things at once from other sellers. This encourages buyers to leave positive reviews (most of the time). If you're printing or writing a note, make sure the ink has dried fully before you place it with the item. You don't want any oopsies. The letter doesn't have to be extravagant, here's an example of what to write:

Example Letter

Hello [Insert buyer Vinted username],
Thank you for buying my item. [I hope it has arrived safely/please let me know if it has arrived safely/etc.].
Kind regards,
[Insert your Vinted username]

You don't have to go all out on leaving a letter. A sentence will do.

I'll just take the items thanks, no treats please.

Don't place any food items in your package, although it may seem like a kind gesture. Firstly, it can be seen as inconsiderate if the buyer has certain dietary requirements. Secondly, would you eat food from a complete stranger? (If you want to that's fine, no judgement). And thirdly, if it were a hot season, or the delivery driver has their air con blasting in cold weather, think about what could happen to a chocolate bar.

Although you're technically not 'selling' any consumables; you're not actually allowed to sell consumables on Vinted.

You're on Vinted to sell your item, and your item only.

P.S. Seen this on TikTok lately... please do not spray perfume on your items either.

Choose the correct postage method.

You must understand how postage on Vinted works and how to post your item off.

Select a postage method that you're comfortable with, from InPost to Evri. If you're in the UK, Royal Mail is a little more complicated as your shipping label is not autogenerated by the Vinted app.

Ask yourself, can you get to the post office/postal service within a reasonable time? Is the distance suitable for you? Do you know if there are printing facilities there? Do you need to print the label yourself or at a store? What will you do if no locker space is free? Is it easily accessible? Does it make sense to you?

Buyers pay for the label and delivery, the seller's job is to print the label and send the item off properly packaged.

Items are most likely tracked so both you and the buyer can see where they are.

Updated (August 2023): Vinted has recently made a change where parcel size may be automatically selected - You may not have to choose yourself.

Before (August 2023): Once again, list the correct postage cost - You don't want your buyer to pay extra fees for collecting their package. It can be disappointing for a buyer to find out that they have to pay an extra fee to collect their package at the delivery office. If this actually does happen, and a buyer refuses to pick the parcel up, it will be sent back to the sender's address after a certain amount of days (Royal Mail). The refund process for Vinted can be avoided if you list your item correctly and have good communication with your buyer.

If you need any help with complaints, use the 'contact us' feature on the Vinted app.

Send your items off within one to two days. There is a timeframe where Vinted expects you to send your items off. Sending them off as soon as possible means that your buyers are more likely to be satisfied and leave a good review for other prospective buyers to see.

Keep the proof of postage receipt for future reference.

Evri Label
Keep your proof of postage!

Receive reviews.

Once buyers mark that their item has arrived and it's in good condition, they are prompted to leave a review. If they don't you will get a autogenerated review and you will shortly be able to withdraw funds to your chosen bank account.

Reviews show that you're a real person with legit items to sell and are worth buying from.

When is the best time to list items?

List items when people are more likely to be online/on the app, such as on evenings, weekends, and holidays.

It's best to sell items at the right time, for example, winter coats in winter, swimsuits in summer, etc.

If you have a ton of items to sell, it's best not to list them all at once. You can lose momentum and get bored pretty fast when you have to take multiple photos, write a description, choose the features, find the right photos, and so on.

Relist items that attract little interest or likes around 3-6 months. Don't do this too often though. It's naughty.

P.S. How to relist an item on Vinted? Make note of the original post title, description, price, features, and images, then screenshot the images if you no longer have them saved, delete the original post and create another listing. Simple.

Consider bundling your items.

Bundle your items if you're selling a lot of similar items. Someone could be interested in buying more than one thing from you. When you bundle items, you can sell them at a discounted price altogether.

Promote Your Listings

If you really want to get your items seen more (or sold faster), there are three ways to promote your listings (for a fee though). You can choose to bump items, spotlight your wardrobe, or create collections. You will find these features on your profile page - Find the blue tab saying 'Promote your listings'. As mentioned previously, more views means a greater likelihood of your items being sold. However, promoting your items does not guarantee that they will be sold. It will just place them in areas with more traffic.

Should you promote your items? Read the last two sentences again.

Vinted sometimes offers these promotions for free - Keep an eye on your inbox for messages from Vinted.

Bump items (Not free)

You can choose to promote individual items on Vinted. This effectively increases the item's visibility by showing it right at the top of search pages.

Spotlight Wardrobe (Not free)

If you spotlight your wardrobe, several of your items are shown to relevant buyers on their homepage and in between search listings. Buyers can scroll through these items and have the option to click on your profile.

Collections (Not free)

Introduced in Spring 2024, create collections is a new feature on Vinted. You can organise your listings like a Pinterest board basically. Collections can be shown on the homepage - the first page people see when they open the app. Hence the importance of listing your items with good quality photos.

It's like a bundle and spotlight working together.

You might list all of your coats together in one collection, or maybe holiday clothes, jeans, work clothes, shoes, gym clothes, etc. It's up to you.

Do followers matter?

No, followers do not matter. You can sell items successfully on Vinted without having followers. However, if you consistently sell similar items (e.g., of the same category, style, 'aesthetic', theme trend, etc.), having followers can be an advantage.


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